CNN fires Chris Cuomo for role in Andrew Cuomo scandal

The network said on Tuesday it would begin an internal review of Mr. Cuomo’s conduct. But its executives had no immediate plans to hire an outside law firm, according to a person familiar with the network’s internal decision-making process. That plan has changed in recent days and CNN on Saturday refused to identify the name of the law firm it had retained.

Prior to joining CNN, Mr. Cuomo spent years as an on-air correspondent, covering wildfires, rampage and war zones, primarily on ABC News. He was one of Mr. Zucker’s first major signings after he became president of CNN in 2013. A morning show, “New Day,” was curated in part around the bombastic on-air personality and quick from Mr. Cuomo.

The awkwardness of his relationship with Andrew Cuomo – who was among the nation’s most powerful Democratic politicians – became apparent almost immediately: In 2013, the network came under fire after Chris Cuomo twice interviewed his brother on New Day. “.

In 2018, Mr. Cuomo went into prime time, beating other top hosts like Mr. Tapper for the coveted 9 p.m. slot. “Cuomo Prime Time” became CNN’s top-rated time, although it consistently attracted fewer viewers than its competitors on Fox News and MSNBC.

At the start of the pandemic, Andrew Cuomo became a leading national figure in the government’s response. Chris Cuomo began interviewing his brother in prime time, and their teasing jokes and emotional conversations became a hit with viewers. Ratings rose further after Chris Cuomo contracted the coronavirus; he continued to broadcast and interview his brother, since his forties in the basement of his Long Island home. Mr. Zucker praised the segments for their “authenticity, relativity and vulnerability”.

“That’s what the Cuomo brothers are giving us right now,” Zucker told The Times in April 2020.

The following year, as Andrew Cuomo faced a growing number of sexual harassment charges, Chris Cuomo recused himself from reporting the scandal, leaving a prime-time hole in CNN’s coverage of what was turning out to be national news.

At the same time, away from the anchor office, Chris Cuomo was participating in strategy sessions with the governor’s main staff. It also emerged that Andrew Cuomo had made arrangements for his brother’s Covid tests to receive priority treatment by the state. CNN failed to discipline Chris Cuomo and at one point offered the presenter time off if he wanted to help his brother more formally.

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