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Landlord and housekeeper caught by intruders in Studio CityThe two men allegedly stole the keys to the house from the owner’s wife, who had gone to a doctor’s appointment. reports Jeff Nguyen.

Amber Lee weather forecast (March 7)Temperatures will slowly warm up this week, but there is still a small chance of showers. Amber Lee has the forecast.

Russian invasion of Ukraine sends gas prices skyrocketingGasoline prices hit $5 a gallon last week and are already flirting with $6. reports Tina Patel.

Southern California grocery store workers’ contract expiresThe workers must now decide whether it is time to strike. Reports by Kara Finnström.

CBS News Los Angeles: The Rundown (March 7 edition)Here are the latest local news and weather headlines. Updated twice a day.

Turpin siblings meet Garth Brooks, Trisha YearwoodJennifer and Jordan Turpin had the chance to meet the country music superstars at their concert in San Diego. Report DeMarco Morgan and Suzanne Marques.

Gas prices continue to rise unabated past $5The average gas price is $5,429 in Los Angeles and Orange counties, and actual prices at some gas stations are about to hit $6. reports Tina Patel.

Supermarket labor contract expires as talks stallUnions representing key supermarket workers in the region will discuss next steps today. Reports by Kara Finnström.

Firefighters battle blaze at Valley Village HomeNo injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation. Report DeMarco Morgan and Suzanne Marques.

Deadly shooting outside North Hills strip clubThe shooting apparently took place above a handicapped parking spot. reports DeMarco Morgan.

Warren High School football player killed in 5 freeway crashesThe cars the teens were in rolled down an embankment off Highway 5 in Downey. Reports by Suzanne Marques.

Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian confirms purchase of ‘The One’, Bel Air’s most infamous mega-mansionAmerica’s most expensive home auction purchase officially has a buyer, as Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian confirmed he was the winning bidder on Sunday. He bid $126 million, and after adding auction fees, that brought the total to $141 million.

The United States will supply Ukraine with fighter jetsUS senators are asking the Biden administration to speed up the transfer of planes to help Ukraine. US lawmakers are still against the creation of a no-fly zone in Ukraine which they say could lead to World War III.

Angelenos is making great efforts to support UkraineAs the war in Ukraine continues and the lives of Ukrainians are threatened on a daily basis, the Angelenos have joined together in huge humanitarian efforts to provide some form of support to Eastern Europeans trapped in a country suddenly war-torn.

Russia keeps dropping bombs, Russian president blames UkraineAs the Russian invasion and bombing of Ukraine continues, US Defense Secretary Anthony Blinken has said the Kremlin’s actions could constitute a war crime.

Grocery store workers rally ahead of collective bargaining negotiationsThe United Food and Commercial Workers union, which represents nearly 60,000 workers from central California to the Mexican border, has a fresh round of demands ahead of a contract expiration set for midnight on Sunday. In advance, workers rallied throughout the weekend to raise awareness and gain community support for their cause.

High school student killed and two injured after car runs off Highway 5 in DowneyA local high school student died of injuries sustained in an accident after the car the person was in traveled approximately 200 yards down an embankment off Highway 5 in Downey.

Who is Volodymyr Zelensky? CBS News provides background on Ukraine’s presidentVolodymyr Zelenskyy has won the hearts of millions around the world as he continues to champion peace in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, but who is Ukraine’s president? CBS News has its journey, which started in a more surprising place than you might think.

Independent Spirit Award winners announced on SundayThe 37th annual Independent Spirit Awards were held in Santa Monica on Sunday, where the winners of the year’s best productions from independent film and television studios were honored.

Hundreds run for ‘Liam’s Life’ in Hermosa Beach to raise money for a foundation that helps end drunk drivingLiam’s Life Foundation was set up after 15-month-old Liam Kowal was killed in 2016 by a drunk driver. Kowal’s parents hope the foundation will help end drunk driving.

Soaring gasoline prices are hurting transportation economicsCBSLA reporter Brittney Hopper spoke to a man who owns a luxury car service who said the rising price of a gallon of gas is cutting profit margins for his drivers. With no end in sight, he says he will spend over $300,000 on gas this year for his business.

Record gas prices continue to climb in Southern CaliforniaIn Southland, gasoline prices continued to climb with the average price of a gallon of gasoline at $5.38 for Los Angeles and Orange counties; $5.26 per gallon for the Inland Empire; and $5.31 per gallon for Ventura County. In some places, prices are around $6.65 per gallon.

Despite falling numbers around the world, COVID hits grim milestoneAs the COVID pandemic continues, despite falling numbers across the globe, the global death toll is reaching a grim milestone.

Hundreds gather on Sunday to offer support to UkrainiansIn an effort to show continued support for Ukrainians suffering the effects of the Russian invasion, hundreds of Angelenos, many with Eastern European roots, gathered at the Ukrainian Cultural Center to prepare kits for first aid, praying and coming together for peace in Europe.

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