Internet, phone scams among top complaints about BNMTELELINK in 2021

KUALA LUMPUR (March 30): Complaints of financial fraud, particularly internet scams, investment and phone scams, were among the top five issues raised by the public on Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) BNMTELELINK in 2021.

In its 2021 annual report released on Wednesday, March 30, the central bank said it had continued to step up its efforts to educate the public about financial fraud in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, the Malaysian Securities Commission and the Royal Malaysian Police.

Due to the pandemic, BNM customer service centers and regional offices have been closed to walk-in engagements for most of the year.

As such, BNMTELELINK became one of its main contact points, where members of the public and businesses could reach the central bank by phone, email or online presence.

“Despite physical movement restrictions, we maintained a high number of engagements with approximately 300,000 interactions over the year,” he said.

One of BNM’s main initiatives was to warn the public about scams by posting alerts on the Amaran Scam page on Facebook, with over 320 posts throughout the year.

Since its launch in 2020, the page has gained 39,000 followers.

“During the year, we also saw an 11.2% drop in scam-related queries and complaints received by BNM,” he said.

BNM also aired a seven-part webinar series on financial scams as part of Financial Literacy Month in October 2021.

Conducted in different languages ​​to reach Malay, Chinese and Indian communities, the webinar covered topics such as common financial scams in Malaysia, including get-rich-quick schemes, Macau scams, mullet accounts, phishing and e-commerce scams.

In addition, the central bank conducted 47 online engagement sessions through state radio stations and regional financial fraud virtual webinars to reach targeted audiences such as retirees, government employees and university communities.

“BNM has increased its digital presence and curated more content, while ensuring our services remain accessible online to ensure affected parties know that help remains available to help them through difficult times,” said the central bank.

Throughout 2021, BNM continued to leverage multiple communication channels to raise awareness of the different avenues and mechanisms available for people affected by the health crisis to seek help.

To become more user-centric, BNM refreshed its website design to ensure that visitors can get needed information with a minimum of clicks, and revamped the content of the main webpage for a smoother experience. mobile friendly.

In addition to having a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln and YouTube, BNM has also extended its presence to Telegram to expand its reach.

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