Meet the richest minister in Cabinet Modi, net worth over 37 crore


Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s net worth stood at ??37 91 50 580 as of March 31, 2021. The fortune of the 56-year-old minister has increased by ??9.28 crore (approximately) in the past year. Last year, Shah’s net worth stood at ??28.63 crore, according to the PM India website.

The properties of Amit Shah

Shah owns 10 real estate properties and all of them are in Gujarat. The properties he owns and the shared inheritance of his mother are worth ?? ( ??13.56 crores). The market value of Shah’s properties is ??5,71,08,593 and the inherited property is ??7 85,000,000.

Amit Shah’s bank balance

Amit Shah’s bank balance is ??32 33 074. Shah’s unlisted securities (at book value) amount to ??3,08,140. While listed securities (market value) amount to ??23,45,73,199. The market value of the listed securities in its possession has been increased to ??3.78 crores from ??2.25 crores.

Amit Shah’s other investments

The Union Minister of the Interior has a FD bank of ??3 40 908. It has ??50 91 750 of jewelry. The paid-up value of Shah’s insurance policies amounts to ??15,56,389.

Amit Shah’s total assets and liabilities

According to the latest statement, Amit Shah has total assets of ??38 07 27 617 ( ??38.07 crore) and his total liabilities amount to ??15 77 037 ( ??15.77 lakh).

In addition, the wealth of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also seen an increase of ??22 lakh in one year. PM Modi’s net worth jumped to ??3 07 68 885 crore as of March 31, 2021. He has a bank balance of ??1.5 lakh and ??36,000 cash. The 71-year-old prime minister has no loans or liabilities. He does not have a personal vehicle in his name. He has four gold rings worth ??1.48 lakh. He owns a residential property of ??1.1 crore, which is common property and he only has a 25% share.

During Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure, the government of the day decided that all Union ministers should voluntarily declare their assets and liabilities each fiscal year in the public domain for greater transparency.

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