Montgomery official apologizes for keeping alcohol in his government office

The chairman of the Montgomery County Planning Board and the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission apologizes for keeping, sharing and drinking alcohol in his government office.

In a statement, Casey Anderson, took responsibility for his actions.

“Until recently, I kept booze in the office and occasionally shared a drink with co-workers — at the end of the workday, after normal working hours,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done this in a Commission office building, even after work. I take full responsibility, I removed the alcohol and I apologize.”

Anderson’s statement came in response to a report by the M-NCPPC Inspector General that corroborated allegations that Anderson kept a significant amount of alcohol in his commission office and shared it with others. The inspector general launched a review of the matter last month after receiving an anonymous email last month.

Montgomery County Council met behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss the report.

Reached Saturday, Montgomery County Council Chairman Gabe Albornoz, (D-At Large), said he couldn’t comment on the matter because it was a staffing issue. He said the council had launched its own investigation and was treating the matter very seriously.

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Anderson, who has served as chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board since 2014, is also chair of the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, which includes members of the Montgomery and Prince County planning boards. George.

A photo sent by the tipster, authenticated by the IG and included in the report, shows two shelves in a cabinet filled with approximately 20 bottles of liquor and mixers. A second photo, provided by Anderson to the IG, showed that the cabinet was then emptied.

Details of the inspector general’s findings were first reported by ABC7, which obtained a copy of the confidential report.

The report, a copy of which was also obtained by The Washington Post, concluded that “alcohol was stored and served in President Anderson’s office(s)” and that it was “reasonable to conclude that the most of President Anderson’s senior staff and Montgomery County Planning Board members were aware of these activities.The report states, however, that there is no evidence that alcohol was consumed during office hours. work and although there is no evidence of “direct coercion to participate”, one person told the IG that there was “self-pressure to participate to fit in”.

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Anderson told the IG he was aware of the commission’s policy, which prohibits “the manufacture, distribution, sale, presence or use of controlled substances and alcohol in the workplace. , M-NCPPC vehicles and other agency property”.

Anderson still has one year left on his term as chairman of the planning board and his term is limited, so he cannot be reappointed.

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