Most widely adopted mine planning software

LONDON, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Technology adoption continues in the global mining sector with increasing degrees of investment in areas such as predictive maintenance, scheduling software and communication systems. Top priorities for investment over the next two years include safety technologies such as collision avoidance and fatigue detection, as well as remote-operated vehicles, which reduce risk by directing workers away from potentially dangerous situations.

The Global Mine Site Technology Adoption Survey Report offered by GlobalData Plc analyzes the results of interviews with key personnel from more than 130 operating mines around the world. The survey also examines trends in the adoption of 13 technologies at the mine site, covering mine management software, predictive maintenance, drones, autonomous vehicles, collision avoidance, wearable devices, remotely operated vehicles. , etc. The report also identifies investment intentions over the next two years and compares results by region, type of mine and type of company.

Key Regions with mine site Technology adoption

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Europe and Middle East

Mine-Adoption of site technologyby Rregion

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Australasian mines had, on average, the highest technology penetration, particularly drones, remotely operated and autonomous vehicles and mine management software. Together with Africa, they overall had the highest expectations in terms of investment in all technologies.

Key Minesite technologies

  • Mine planning software
  • Mine communication system/networks
  • Mining management software
  • Predictive plant maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance of mobile equipment
  • Drone
  • Collision Avoidance/Proximity Sensing
  • Fatigue detection
  • Remote control vehicles
  • Battery/electric mining vehicles
  • Fully autonomous vehicles
  • Wearable Technology
  • 3D printing

mine site Technology Investment and implementationby Jtechnologies

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Globally, mine planning and management software, mine communication systems and predictive maintenance have been the most widely invested and implemented. More than half of the mines had made significant investments in mine planning and management software and mine communication systems or had fully implemented them.

mine site Technology Market Insight

Key regions Africa, Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe and Middle East
Key Technologies Mine planning software, mine communication system/networks, mine management software, predictive maintenance for facilities, predictive maintenance for mobile equipment, drones, collision avoidance/proximity detection, fatigue detection, remotely operated vehicles, mining vehicles battery/electric, fully autonomous vehicles, wearable technology and 3D printing

Reasons for Byeah

  • Assess current adoption rates for each of the 13 key technologies.
  • Compare adoption by mine type, region and business type.
  • Evaluate the potential for future investments by technology, whether new investments or future investments.
  • Analyze potential investment rates by region, type of mine and type of company.


Whish are the key regions of mine site technology market?

The main regions being considered for technology adoption at mine sites are Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East.

What are the key technologies in the mining site technologies market?

Key technologies of mine site technology market are mine planning software, mine communication systems/networks, mine management software, predictive maintenance for plant, predictive maintenance for mobile equipment, drones , collision avoidance/proximity detection, fatigue detection, remote control. vehicles, battery/electric powered mining vehicles, fully autonomous vehicles, wearable technology and 3D printing.

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