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From MarketWatch:

My wife and I are in our fifties. We lost our house in 2008, declared bankruptcy, and ultimately bought another house. We will inherit $ 200,000. How to invest it? : Personal financial turmoil can be frightening for families to relive, but there are ways to work around those fears and make things better for retirement.

Stressed by market volatility and want to change your investments? Instead, complete these 5 tasks: Market turmoil can cause some people to think twice about their investments, even if they are still on track for retirement. Here are some strategies for staying calm.

It’s autobiography season: celebrity memoir for your gift list or holiday reading: Don’t know what to get your loved ones this year for the holidays? Autobiographies are still a popular choice.

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More info on the retreat:

Sharing hard-earned money lessons to build generational wealth (The New York Times)

Sacramento nurse gives up retirement to help vaccinate against COVID-19 (KCRA)

The 6 Biggest Problems With Early Retirement: Will It Happen To You? (Contractor)

States are stepping up their actions to address the retirement savings crisis in the United States (Forbes)

Democrats officially have a retirement problem (CNN)

Tom Brady isn’t ready to talk about retirement (but it’s getting closer) (Tampa Bay weather)

Research and overview:

91% of employees whose companies automatically register them at their 401 (k) workplace do not opt ​​out (United States today)

Only 1 in 4 Americans “very” confident in a comfortable retirement (401K Specialist)

Less than half of Gen Z are optimistic about reaching their retirement goals, according to a survey (GOBankingRates)

A TCRS study suggests that substantial retirement risks remain (National Association of Diet Advisors)

Disability overpayments discourage work (Boston College Retirement Research Center)

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Congress set to kill popular pension tax movement

Older people who are obese have a higher risk of cancer

Have we learned anything from the pandemic? “If that doesn’t turn the tide in nursing homes, then shame on us.”

Should you put your 401 (k) in a “3X” retirement portfolio?

Government announces surprising rise in Medicare Part B premiums

The quick and easy way to lose your savings

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