Police: “Still assessing” possible threats to DHS High School amid reports of student with knife and gang activity on campus


Desert Hot Springs Police are investigating the possibility of further threats on the Desert Hot Springs High School campus, just a day after being called there for reports of a student with a knife.

This incident did not result in any reported injuries, but News Channel 3 has been contacted by many concerned viewers who are part of the Desert Hot Springs school community.

A city spokesperson told News Channel 3 in a statement that in addition to videos of the knife incident, investigators made other concerning social media findings, particularly “gossip referring to the possibility of additional threats on campus “.

“The Desert Hot Springs Police Department is investigating this incident, including all factors and elements leading up to it.” the statement read. “Officers are still assessing whether credible threats persist.”

Police are also cracking down on gang activity that occurs on campus. Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Jim Henson said it was valuable to have a school resource officer on campus.

“Chief Henson continues to emphasize the importance of having a School Resources Officer on campus so that incidents like yesterday can be mitigated through early intervention and collaboration between the School Resources Officer and staff. of the school district. ”

Doria Wilms, Deputy City Manager

“Keeping our youth safe is our top priority. Parents and students are encouraged to immediately report incidents of gang activity or threats of violence to the police,” said Doria Wilms, deputy city manager, in a statement.

In August, the Palm Springs Unified School Department approved negotiations for law enforcement agreements to bring back those responsible for school resources. This came just weeks after the decision to remove full-time police officers from their posts at the start of the school year. District leaders said at the time that officers were only put on hold while they worked on new ways to protect and support students – in partnership with law enforcement.

In August, Superintendent Swize said there was no increased risk during the lapse as negotiations continued over agent roles and contracts. “Our Palm Springs students are safe,” he said. In our August report, district officials said there were more than 45 campus security guards – unarmed patrols – protecting schools in the meantime.

News Channel 3 has contacted a spokesperson for the Palm Springs Unified School Department for comment.

“Details of any incident on campus are confidential.”

Joan L. Boiko, Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator

“The safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” PSUSD spokesperson Joan Boiko wrote in response to the survey. “District and school administrators and security personnel are cooperating with law enforcement officials as part of their follow-up investigations. Additional security and a police presence are in effect as an additional precaution. “

Boiko tells News Channel 3 that the parents have been notified of the incident and that no one has been hurt.

“Regarding SRO contracts, we are continuing the final stages of formal contract approval and are happy to have concluded agreements in principle with the various agencies,” said Boiko. “We are confident that agreements will be presented to each municipal council and the school board in the coming weeks. “

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