President Hinojosa issues statement on CNN report, demands transparency from Texas Republicans

AUSTIN, Texas— Today, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement on CNN’s “Deep in the Pockets of Texas” survey:

“CNN’s report last night – while not surprising – was deeply disturbing, laying out in explicit terms the corrosive impacts that far-right black money has had on our state’s politics. I urge all Texans to watch the documentary and understand how two West Texas billionaires effectively bought public policy from Texas Republicans, ranging from state officials to Ted Cruz and countless others.

“We’ve known for a long time that Republicans in Texas have become far more conservative and extremist in recent years than the overwhelming majority of Texans – but now we know why: because they’re literally paid to be that way, by two billionaires who want to see Texas transformed into their dystopian, theocratic fantasy.

“As we head into the 2022 election, I call on all Republicans in Texas – from Governor Abbott (one of the far-right donor’s most trusted henchmen) to the ballot – to be honest with the Texas voters on where they get their campaign dollars and pledge to meet the wants and needs of all Texans — not two fossil fuel oligarchs.

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