Shinkan Launches Shinkan-Edge to Certify Online Assessments for Credible Recruitment

Shinkan, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based remote monitoring system, has launched Shinkan-Edge, an AI-based tool that can certify the authenticity of any online rating. It also confirms identity theft during large-scale online recruitment by companies. Shinkan offers a comprehensive AI-based remote proctoring system for online exams to eliminate human error.

“I believe that for education and for skill development, learning is essential, while to ensure real learning during the education process, secure assessments are essential,” said Abhijit Saxena, Founder of Shinkan.

Shinkan-Edge uses in-depth technology to analyze over 25 behavioral patterns for accurate misconduct reporting. With an artificial intelligence engine, the software can eliminate more than 200 malpractices, thanks to training through more than 55,000 hours of review videos.

Shinkan is an artificial intelligence based remote proctoring system that makes online assessments more reliable than offline exams where manual supervision occurs during exams whether in class or online. This remote proctoring solution eliminates the need for manual supervisors and provides online exam proctoring systems for malpractice-free virtual testing to educational institutions and online businesses.

The word ‘Shinkan’ is made up of two words ‘Shin’ and ‘Kan’ ‘Shin’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘Shinrai’, which means ‘trust’. ‘Kan’, on the other hand, is taken from the Indian word ‘Kanshi’. Derived from these phrases, Shinkan means – To set the honest apart.

The company says that with Shinkan’s endorsement, employers need not worry about the credibility of online certified courses. Companies must hire candidates who match the profile and who have a Shinkan stamp on their certificate.

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