SP saves face as Akhilesh secures Karhal seat

BJP’s Singh Baghel. Karhal constituency recorded the highest turnout in Uttar Pradesh this year, with up to 65.97% of the region’s residents opting to vote. Who those votes went to will be known in just a few hours, as the count will begin soon.

While UP’s overall exit polls showed the BJP has a strong chance of winning in Karhal City, it is likely that SP’s Yadav could emerge as the winning face. A close competition to Yadav according to early trends could be BJP’s Baghel. Once a key aide to SP patriarch and father of Akhilesh, Moulayam Singh Yadav, Baghel has campaigned intensely to ensure the SP does not enjoy a cakewalk in his Karhal stronghold.

Uttar Pradesh voted for all 403 seats spread across its 75 districts. Constituency No. 110 Karhal (करहल) is an Assembly/Vidhan Sabha seat in Doab Region and Manpuri District in Uttar Pradesh. Karhal is part of the Manpuri Lok Sabha/Parliamentary Constituency.

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